July 1, 2022

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Hero Security Officer Subdued SEPTA Serial Slasher

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Taqi Brower used to drive to work as a security officer at Chester School, but on Wednesday afternoon, he decided to take the SEPTA bus.

security-guard-stops-serial slasher

And 10 passengers were saved because of that split-second decision. It was life-changing for everyone.

Brower, who carried with him a licensed firearm, went head to head with a suspect whom the police reported to have just slashed the throat of a 17-year-old passenger. He was able to stop the attack and thwarted any harm from ever happening to the 10 other passengers who were aboard the Baltimore Pike at Church Road in Springfield, Delaware County.

“I drew my firearm, I held him at gunpoint, I told him don’t move,” Brower recalled to Eyewitness News following an exclusive interview. Brower held the suspect at gunpoint while he called the cops who speedily responded and placed the serial slasher under arrest.

security-guard-stops-serial slasher

Springfield Township Police Superintendent Joe Daly had nothing but good words for Brower for being brave and showing control over not firing his gun.

Edward Gray, the suspect, was found out to be a career criminal and had been arrested for a number of times already. One was in June in Olney for a similar slashing incident wherein he slashed buss passengers’ faces with the use of a pen and another in November wherein he slashed another SEPTA bus passenger at Market and 46th in West Philadelphia.

The 17-year-old victim only sustained two superficial slash wounds on the neck area and was to be released from the hospital after being confined overnight.

Gray was held on a $100,000 bail at Delaware County Prison. Police also added that the suspect is also found to be homeless and have mental problems to begin with which explains the slashing incidents.

Brower says everyone at the bus – driver and passengers – expressed gratitude that on that he chose to ride the SEPTA bus on that tragic day – or the worst could be inevitable.

Brower who exhibited courage, presence of mind, and due restraint with using his weapon, was able to save lives and capture the deranged serial slasher of SEPTA bus. This is how a security officer approaches a life and death scenario especially because he was dealing with a mentally unstable suspect who could kill just for the thrill of it.

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