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Best Security Guard Tour Systems

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According to Security Magazine, 4 out of the 6 most common building security mistakes have to do with simple security guard vigilance. While technology and digital access have done much for the security industry, there are some things only security guards can do.

The highest security mistake made is the non-enforcement of IDs and badges being worn inside the building. Whether it is a regular employee ID or a guest ID, security guards can be constantly checking, within the building, if everyone has their proper ID on. In certain cases, they can even identify when someone is using the wrong ID.

The security risk next to internal policing, however, is the failure to secure all entry points. While this is not always a problem during the day with a full security crew, risks are more likely to happen at night. Touching base with each security checkpoint is always difficult to monitor, and tracking data to improve security is both tedious and time-consuming.

This is why security guard tour systems are a must-have for any building.

Best Security Guard Tour System

FeaturesONETAK RFID Inductive Guard Tour Patrol Reader SystemVSDIGITAL V51 Touch Guard Tour Patrol SystemGoxi Guard Tour Patrol System
Product Imagebest-guard-tour-systemguard tour systemGuard-Tour-Patrol-System
Rating (1-5)44.53
Durability (1-5)453.5
Desk or Web BasedDesk (USB)BothDesk (USB)
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If you are looking for the best security guard checkpoint system, these are the top tour systems on the market.

What Is a Security Guard Tour System?

A “tour” is what a security guard’s rounds are called. Security guard tours are routine in most buildings with security system, even if there are already CCTVs and entrance alarms. There are a number of risks connected with having a physical guard tour, however.


There is always a possibility of human error or simple human reluctance to go places which are cold and damp, such as in an outside tour, or places difficult to reach. There are some failures in security simply because the guards may miss checkpoints or make incomplete reports. To make sure every security entrance is met, you need a Security Guard Tour System.

What Can A Security Guard Tour System Do For You?

A Guard Tour System Simplifies Reports

One enemy of good security is the complication of the reports and paper workload of the guards doing their rounds. Usually, at every checkpoint or at set hours in the day, a security guard has to write a mini-report on the part of the round he just took.

Not only would an efficient report be time-consuming and tiring, difficult-to-read data reports because of handwriting differences are always an issue. There is no real-time transmission of reports, so each report would have to be read and encoded. This adds up to time consumption for both security guards and encoders, and an unnecessary paper load.

A security guard tour system lets guards transmit reports in real-time. The problem of encoding is completely bypassed and reporting is simplified.

A Guard Tour System Ensures Every Base Is Covered

The biggest risks of a paper-based system are:

  • The exact times when a guard made a tour are not always known or accurate;
  • Missed checkpoints are not noticed right away;
  • Reports are delivered too late for appropriate action;
  • Scheduled guard tours are difficult to monitor;
  • Earlier reports are hard to retrieve if there is a data encoding backlog;
  • There is no digital backup copy.


With a security guard tour system, you can see what times exactly the guards were at their checkpoints. Any missed checkpoints would be instantly noticed. Reports delivered in real-time will be evaluated faster for the appropriate actions. Data retrieval will be as easy as a click of the mouse, and any lost reports can be easily found in the digital backup.

A Guard Tour System Helps Security Guards Stay Alert

Sometimes, the amount of work a security guard has to do defeats the purpose of having a physical security system. He usually needs a notebook and pen or logbook, to fill in his data report at every checkpoint or at the end of his round. If he is distracted by something or wants to check something suspicious, checkpoints might be missed by accident.

Guard tour systems either use set-up desktops or mobile applications, and the guards can send reports without worrying about lighting or the clarity of their handwriting. With less to distract them, security guards can focus more on ensuring safety and security at each of the checkpoints on their rounds.  

What Should You Look For In A Security Guard Tour System?

Guard Patrol Readers: Touch Button, RFID, or QR Codes

The guard patrol reader is the unit which reads the touch buttons or RFIDs of the guards as they go from checkpoint to checkpoint. Touch button readers react to the unique buttons held by each officer as he or she goes on tour. The button has to be touched to the reader to log an entry, requiring physical presence.

The Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) guard patrol reader reacts to a tag placed on an object. The RFID can be programmed to read a tag that is several feet away, eliminating the need for the RFID to touch the reader. The security guards can then make their rounds without forgetting or missing a checkpoint.

Last, the most modern technology readers are those in mobile applications instead. The smartphone is the reader itself, and the tag or QR (quick response) Code, also known as the barcode, is read by the phone camera. The benefit of this is quick data upload to a cloud or network, and a more complete report.

Guard Patrol Tags

“Guard Patrol Tags” is a generic name for the touch button, RFID, or mobile app used by the security personnel on their tours. The touch button is a small button in the handcarry devices of the security guards. At each checkpoint, the device is touched to the reader. Both the device and the reader automatically record the security ID and the time. The RFID works the same way.

Both the touch buttons and RFIDs can be altered to correspond to different “events.” An event tag marked “fire” or “break-in” could be used if anything happened. For the QR code, on the other hand, after the checkpoint is reported, the mobile app could be used to update the database with a more complete report.

Guard Patrol Software: Desk, LAN, or Web-Based

The desk version of the guard patrol software means that only one computer has the software installed. At the end of the tour, the security personnel upload their tour data. The Local Area Network (LAN) means the data is transmitted instantly as long as there is a direct wire connection. Web-based software, on the other hand, means the data is transmitted instantly through cloud or wi-fi connection.

The Best Security Guard Tour Systems

The ONETAK RFID Inductive Guard Tour Patrol Reader System

When it comes to handheld guard patrol tags, the key word there is “durability.” Guard patrol tags should not be easily damaged, especially since the guards will be carrying them as long as they are on duty, not just when they are on tour. The ONETAK guard patrol tag is metal but encased in rubber. It is waterproof and cannot be damaged by electric shocks.


This kit has 100 checkpoint readers, which can be set around the building. The tag should be 3 to 5 centimeters away from the reader, so physical presence is necessary. There are 10 guard patrol tags for the different security guards on their tours. This model has a desk version guard patrol software, uploaded at the end of the patrol with a USB.


VSDIGITAL V51 Touch Guard Tour Patrol System

The VSDIGITAL V51 Touch Guard Tour Patrol System uses a touch reader on 10 checkpoints for this kit. It is perfect for smaller buildings where only one security unit is needed to tour. The touch button tag is encased in steel, and then covered in rubber for more protection. This will let the unit be used every day even if it is dropped or lightly mishandled.


While there is an option to simply upload the report via USB at the end of every tour, the VSDIGITAL security guard tour system can be web-based. As long as there is working internet connection, the database will receive the time-stamps the moment they are logged. This is effective for quick-response security.


Goxi Guard Tour Patrol System

This RFID security guard tour system is one of the most convenient to acquire and use. The guard patrol RFID tag is on a wristwatch that the guard wears during the tour. This cuts down on the possibilities of the guard dropping or mishandling the unit while it is in use. It is waterproof and made drop resistant as well.


The data is desk based, so every report is made at the end of each tour via USB cable. However, it is made for very small areas. There is only one checkpoint, so unless others were bought it is assumed the guard only has a small area to patrol. Alternatively, several units could be used for static guards, who only need a time-stamp at intervals.

Security Guard Tour Systems = Security Success

On the outside, security is only a question of security guards and their flashlights and walkie-talkies, and CCTVs with their tape recordings. However, the real strength of good security is in its data and report processing. The sooner monitors and evaluators can see a security report, the faster they can take action. The best security guard tour systems plug that data hole and make successful security a higher possibility.

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