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Security Metal Detector Wands Reviews

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Security metal detector wands are regular sights in high-security areas. However, in the time of COVID-19, the need to go contactless has only increased. Even smaller establishments are looking for ways to protect their security personnel from physical contact from customers. The security wand is one of the tools that effectively reduces contact between security guards and others, but still preserves security.

Best Security Wands for 2020

Product ImageBest security wandsBest security guard wandsbest-security-wands
Product NameGarrett 1165190 Super scanner V Metal DetectorKKmoon Portable Light-Weight Metal DetectorGarrett 1165800 SuperWand Metal DetectorBounty Hunter S3019 Guardian Hand Wand
Security Hub Rating4.4/54/54.5/54/5
Multiple Sensitivity Settings High and LowYesNoLow and Normal
RechargableNot includedNot includedNot includedNot included
Audible AlertYesYesYesYes
Visual AlertYesYesYesYes
Vibration AlertYesYesYesYes
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If you are looking for the best security guard wands on the market, here are ones we've tested and reviewed. All of these can be purchased easily in bulk on Amazon and can be shipped to your business within days.

Is A Security Metal Detector Wand Important?

There are so many modern security measures that sometimes users believe they are magic devices that whistle for help on demand. At the same time, other users might complain that a metal detector, since it can detect only metal, will be no use in a world where watches, belt buckles, and cellphones are made of those materials. It will simply sound the alert every time.

Now, while a metal detector wand is definitely not magic, it can narrow down which persons might be carrying weapons. Better yet, it can locate where they might be carrying them. Walk-through metal detectors are too general, although they do indicate which persons need to be checked twice. A handheld metal detector does a neater sweep, and immediately locates the source of metal.

Are All Security Wands Equal?

Good security depends heavily on both equipment and personnel training. Security wands, as equipment, need to be excellent and chosen for where they are most likely to be used. For example, if a security unit for a nightclub randomly picks up a set of security wands, they might run into trouble when they discover that the metal detector only has audible signals.


Since their venue is a nightclub, audible warning tones might not catch the security personnel’s ears because of the surrounding music. Even flashing lights can be lost in the ill lighting. What the security personnel needs is a hand held metal detector wand that vibrates in warning instead. In this way, security is effectively maintained.

At the same time, low-quality security wands can be so useless that it would be better off not having them. Usually, low-quality security wands are apt to be hyper-sensitive, reacting to watches, keys, coins, small belt buckles, earrings, necklaces, and so forth. Security personnel, responding to the multiple warnings, would conduct fruitless searches.

This is a security issue because if the personnel cannot trust the metal detectors, they may begin to ignore them or use them for show. The result: weapons can slip past security. From a marketing perspective, especially for shopping malls, slow security can hold up the entrants, and cause a negative experience. High-quality hand held security wands are a necessity.

How Do You Choose A Handheld Metal Detector Wand?

Choose a hand held metal detector wand according to your needs and the environment. These are the different characteristics you would find for security metal detectors.

Choosing Security Wands #1: Sensitivity Options

For general security purposes, some security wands can have only one sensitivity setting. Most likely the security personnel are only looking for weapons with enough size to create an active alarm, such as knives and guns.

However, in high-security environments where there is both a walk-through metal detector and an x-ray machine for baggage, a more sensitive hand held metal detector wand is needed. It detects more unexpected sources of metal.

When choosing the security wand, depending on the situation, it would be best to get a wand with various sensitivity settings. Higher sensitivity would pick up smaller sources of metal, and lower sensitivity would only pick up larger sources. Alternatively, the wand itself may have varying degrees of alerts, to tell the personnel how large the metal source may be.

Choosing Security Wands #2: Type of Alert

There are three types of security wand alerts. The first and most obvious is the audible warning tone. Any moviegoer can identify the sound of a metal detector, since the audible tones are most used in film for obvious reasons. This is acceptable when there is no need to be discreet about security, and there are no other loud noises that can interfere with the sound. If the alert is by degrees, the personnel can tell where the most metal is by the sharpness of the sound.

Second is the visual alert for security wands. The hand held metal detector wand usually has at least one LED light, and at least one LED color: red to show an alarm for metal. It does not usually flicker according to metal size, and tends to be used with only one sensitivity setting. However, it is perfect for a quick sweep for metal in unobvious places. Security personnel, however, need to be alert to the color change as they sweep. The LED light sometimes stays on, so the personnel simply check after the sweep if it is on or not. This reduces the effectiveness of a hand held metal detector wand.

Last is the vibration warning for metal. The vibration alert is the most convenient in high-security areas where there is also a need to be discreet. Banks, high-end shopping malls, 5-star hotels, and function halls may all require this. In this way, there is no unnecessary alarm or noise. On the other hand, this feature is also most useful in places like nightclubs and party centers. Audible warning tones are no match for background music, and LED lights would blend into the strobes and spotlights. A hand held vibration would be easier to catch.

Choosing Security Wands #3: Detection Area and Size

A larger hand held metal detector wand does not automatically mean it is stronger or that it can locate larger objects. It is the internal design and the sensitivity responsible for finding metal that really matters. However, the detection area is what cuts down the security personnel’s search time. The bigger the detection area, the more space it can cover in a sweep. This is why the larger security wands are usually seen where the sweep needs to be quick.

On the other hand, there are much smaller security wands made for detecting smaller sources of metal in a smaller area. This helps the security personnel pinpoint where a source of metal is hidden with more accuracy.

This is also important because security wands are rarely put down by the personnel using them. The larger the security wand, although it can cover more space in less time, the heavier it is. At one point or another, the security personnel will feel the weight. Tiredness can sometimes cause careless sweeps, and therefore failure in security.

Choosing Security Wands #4: Battery Life and Warranty

The reliability of a hand held metal detector wand also depends on its battery life. This is important for those in charge of choosing how many security wands are necessary. Especially in places which are high in traffic, it is important that the security wands are enough to make up for any one item’s loss in battery. Choosing security wands with reasonable battery lives ensures constant security and much less stress for the personnel.

It is also important to find a hand held metal detector wand with a credible and trustworthy warranty. Security wands are only good investments if you are sure you can get their full worth. Choosing the brand and make of the metal detector wand should also come with consideration of the warranty.

The Best Security Wands

Choosing a hand held metal detector wand, again, always depends on the situation and environment. However, some security wands are better than most in almost any situation. A hand held metal detector wand that is flexible according to your needs is always the best choice for security.

Garrett 1165190 Super Scanner V Metal Detector

Sensitivity Options. The Garrett 1165190 Super scanner V Metal Detector has a digital microprocessor that automatically adjusts the sensitivity according to what is in scanning range. It even has a button that, when pressed, narrows the range to what is being scanned and removes the interference of other sources of metal, like nearby machinery and handles or bars.

Type of Alert. The Garrett 1165190 has all three kinds of alerts: the audible alert, the visual alert, and the vibration alert. The visual alert is a red LED that lights up with metal detection. The audible alert is a quiet warble, but you can set the wand to “silent” (yes, like a cellphone) for the vibration setting. 


Detection Area and Size. The Garrett 1165190 is 17 x 4 x 2 inches inches in size. This size shows that it is perfect for quick security sweeps, since it is rather large and meant to mostly detect large or more obvious sources of metal. The unit is also only 5 ounces heavy, which makes it easily portable and easy to use.


Battery Life and Warranty. The Garrett 1165190 comes with a 9-volt battery. A charger for the battery can also be bought separately. This battery can run up to 100 hours non-stop, depending on how much it is used. The warranty depends on the seller, but is general a 2-year warranty if it comes from a verified seller.

KKmoon Portable Light-Weight Metal Detector

Sensitivity Options. The KKmoon Metal Detector has only one sensitivity setting. However, it is sensitive enough to detect knives 6 inches and longer, and pistols 9 inches and longer. Drugs wrapped in foil and jewelry are also caught by the scanner.

Type of Alert. The KKmoon Metal Detector only has audible, visual, and vibration metal detector alert settings. The visual alert is red to indicate an alarm. You can set the wand to on, for the visual and audible alerts, or to vibrate, for the silent alert. 



Detection Area and Size. The KKmoon Metal Detector is 15.1 x 3.2 x 1.6 inches long. It is short compared to the other security metal detector wands, but its sensitivity allows security guards to cover smaller and more accurate areas in their sweeps. 

Battery Life and Warranty. The battery for the Garrett SuperScanner Metal Detector is also a 9-volt non-chargeable battery, lasting up to 40 hours depending on the usage. This battery may be switched with a 9-volt rechargeable battery (not included). The charger is not included either in the package.

The Garrett 1165800 SuperWand Metal Detector

Sensitivity Options. Like the Garrett 1165190, the Garrett 1165800 SuperWand Metal Detector has only one sensitivity setting. It is more sensitive than the SuperScanner, and can easily detect smaller sources of metal.

Type of Alert. The Garrett 1165800 SuperWand Metal Detector has all three types of warnings: audible, visual, and vibration alerts. The visual alert, which goes red when a metal source is detected, cannot be turned off. The SuperWand can be set to either audible or vibration, and the visual alert augments the warning.


Detection Area and Size. The Garrett 1165800 SuperWand Metal Detector is 19 x 3.25 x 1.25 inches long. This gives it roughly 10 inches of detection area. However, the SuperWand is unique in that the tip is molded so that it has a small area. Security personnel who need to focus on discovering smaller sources of metal can use the tip rather than the side.

Battery Life and Warranty. The Garrett 1165800 SuperWand Metal Detector comes with a 9-volt battery that gives the unit 40 hours of use, depending on how much the traffic in the day is. The battery can be replaced with a rechargeable 9-volt battery (not included). The warranty, depending on the seller, can go up to 24 months on the parts and labor costs.

The Bounty Hunter S3019 Guardian Hand Wand

Sensitivity Options. There are two sensitivity settings on the Bounty Hunter S3019 Guardian Hand Wand. The normal sensitivity settings detect smaller metal sources and pieces. The low sensitivity settings detect only the bulkier metal sources and pieces.  

Type of Alert. The Bounty Hunter S3019 Guardian Hand Wand has all three types of alerts: audible, visual\, and vibration alerts. This makes this unit good for flexible use in any situation and environment.


Detection Area and Size. The Bounty Hunter S3019 Guardian Hand Wand is 17.5 x 4 1.8 inches in size. This makes it somewhat smaller than the Garrett units, although larger than the GoerTek unit. It is still a fair enough size for quick sweeps, and the smaller size helps pinpoint any sources of metal. It is light, only weighing 1 pound.

Battery Life and Warranty. The Bounty Hunter S3019 Guardian Hand Wand requires a 9-volt battery, which is included in the package. It works best with non-chargeable batteries rather than with rechargeable batteries, and may last up to 40 hours depending on the use. The warranty depends on the seller.

Security Wands: A Symbol of Excellence

Even if the persons undergoing security checks might not care about what kinds of security wands the personnel are holding, security personnel know that it is a crucial part of what they do. Because of this, finding the right hand held metal detector wand for your situation and environment is a must.

Updated August 2020.


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