July 5, 2022

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Arizona Security Guard Attempts to Censor Video Evidence

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Daniel Lee Ogaz, Former Arizona security guard (Veterans Security) who was convicted for assault in 2014, hit Raymond Michael Rodden, a PINAC (Photography Is Not A Crime) citizen journalist who published Ogaz’ assault video on his EMS News Arizona YouTube channel.

Ogaz has yet to pay the City of Tuscon unpaid fines amounting to over $600 for that assault incident in 2014.

Rodden and Ogaz had a confrontation in the streets of Tuscon. In the middle of their encounter, Ogaz allegedly hit Rodden hard in the head with a Big Gulp soda that is filled with ice.


“Well, the video is obviously in public and it is evidence of a crime, a crime he plead guilty to,” explained Rodden, “So I don’t know why he’d try to blame me for his own actions. It’s like blaming a rape victim for wearing a short skirt.”

Ogaz is not alone in his censoring efforts as other crime perpetrators, lawless criminals, and other ill-doers are trying everything they can to report and attempt to censor news and social media on publishing videos on YouTube that in fact show true accounts of crime.

As seen in the video wherein Raymon Rodden was attacked by Ogaz, the security guards did not provide any information regarding their social security numbers and home addresses in contrary to what they claim in their complaints.

Ogaz said it’s a violation of his privacy at which Rodden contested stating that “there were multiple witnesses.” Photography is not a crime in Arizona especially because they were in a public sidewalk.

Ogaz was fired from his job at Veterans Security because of the incident with Rodden. He now logs in on Facebook listed as a “pre-school teacher”.

It’s very unfortunate that a security guard like Daniel Lee Ogaz, after being convicted of assault in 2014 has yet to learn his lesson twice in a row with a repeated incidence that now involves Raymond Michael Rodden, a PINAC citizen journalist. As a security employee, he holds the primary role of ensuring the safety and protection of people but his violent and aggressive behavior does not make him eligible for the job. He should have approached Rodden in a civil manner and contested the matter legally without resorting to violence.

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