July 1, 2022

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Condominium Security Officer Saves a Suicide Attempt with CPR

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Officer Smith was doing his usual rounds on a night shift at a condominium complex he works at. He was having a chit-chat with Emily, the front-end manager of the same condominium unit. They received a call late at night from a man who requested Officer Smith to check up on his friend, who lives in the condominium unit, as he was having difficulty reaching him by phone.

Requests of this nature are not taken lightly by security officers as they were briefed to be extra vigilant and to always take concerns like this seriously. More people prioritize checking on the security features of the place they would want to live in. The extra layer of security would definitely make you feel safe and confident that you and your loved ones are protected and taken cared of at your residence.

The man’s friend went personally at the condominium unit to be on the loop of his friend’s condition. Officer Smith and Emily were knocking repeatedly at the man’s apartment door and got no response. It was then that Emily decided to unlock the man’s door using the master key.

They rushed inside the apartment and saw the man hanging from the support bar on the ceiling with a belt tied up on his neck. Office Smith wasted no time and quickly removed the belt on his neck and lay the man on the floor. He then checked the man’s vitals and was relieved to have found a pulse. He immediately performed CPR while Emily called 911 to ask for help. Officer Smith continued with CPR until the Police and Emergency Response Team came which took the man to a nearby hospital.

Everyone is all praises for Officer Smith for the quick response that led to saving a man’s life from an alarming suicide attempt.  He was able to save the man’s life despite the appalling nature which involves suicide. He was thinking on his toes and made quick decisions to remove the man from the ceiling and perform CPR right away while Emily called 911.

Suicide should be seriously dealt with because we are dealing with depressed individuals who think that death is the only way out – the quick escape from all the problems. In suicide scenarios, every second counts. Officer Smith was alert and quick-witted as he followed the procedure for this particular emergency situation in a very organized fashion that gave this man a second chance to live.

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