June 30, 2022

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Security Officer Pacified Mentally Ill Son in a Hostage Scene But Was Fatally Shot by Police Authorities

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Bobby Daniels, a private security officer at CNN’s headquarters based in Atlanta rushed to Douglasville in a mobile home park when he got information that his son, Bias, had a nervous breakdown and held a fellow security officer at gunpoint.


Daniels used his training as a security guard and used the power of persuasion and patient phasedown to pacify and calm his 25-year-old son. He was able to convince him to surrender his gun and place it on the hood of a car.

All of a sudden, when the police has arrived, gunshots were fired which left Daniels fatally shot.

There were many contradicting accounts regarding the shootout incident.

“I think that he could have been trying to help the situation instead of hurting it, but when he pointed the gun at the officers, he was shot,” Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller told reporters.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation provided the press with an official claim that Daniels and Bias were struggling over the gun and in the process, was pointed to the cops; which made the police authorities believe that their lives were at risk – and they did what they had to do at that point in time.

Government cops enjoy the privilege of “qualified immunity” from any civil or criminal liabilities incurred in the line of duty while private security officers are fully accountable for any injury they potentially inflict on innocent people.

Bobby Daniels is a U.S. Military veteran and a proud father of 5. He was the very first to respond at the hostage crisis and was able to defuse Bias without resorting to violence. Unfortunately, the police authorities relied more on violence than persuasion skills to get the job done which left a private security officer dead in the line of duty. Bobby Daniels used his skills, followed safety protocol as private security officer, and made sure to prevent anyone from getting hurt. He was a hero as a private security officer, citizen, and as a father.

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