July 4, 2022

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How to Hire the Best Security Company

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The pitfall of some businesses – even the giants – is that they put security as least priority. Your business needs security – there are no exceptions to it. When deciding on the right security company for your business or residence, you should determine whether you are looking to hire for short- or long-term. Different businesses have diverse security requirements but revolve on the fact that you are ensuring the protection and safety of life and property – your invaluable assets. It is therefore crucial to minimize risks for your business by banking on the best security firm in your locality.

It’s not even the price that matters. Comparing and contrasting price tags are but secondary because you have to focus on the integrity, reliability, and expertise of the security company. It is reputation and results that count most when deciding on the security company to hire for your business. You must focus on the overall reliability and quality of the security services that the company offers that will help you protect your business against rapid losses.

Security Company Hiring Checklist

When trimming down your choices or shopping for more candidates on your list of security companies, you must ask the right questions and base decisions on the following criteria:

Hire Security Companies Based on Reputation

Check on not just the longevity of the security company but more so, its track record in the industry. References and referrals from colleagues or trusted people in the same line of business must also be considered. Conduct a background research of the company. You can also check on Better Business Bureau (BBB) for reputation and also for unsolved issues and claims made with the company. Social media is also a great way to check on reviews and what other people are saying about the company. Check too on their Twitter and Facebook pages to see reviews and even interact with them online to get a feel of how responsive they are to clients; and vice versa. It is important to secure feedback from past clients they have worked with to know their experiences with the security firm.

Hire Security Companies Based on Training and Certification

Make sure that you hire a security company that also conducts rigid screening and training of security officers. Ask too if security guards are licensed and years of experience they have in the security industry. Many businesses prefer veterans or those who have worked previously in the military because of the skills and competence they have acquired over the years. Young breed of security officers though have a fresh take on handling security and are savvier with technology and use of equipment. Licensing and certification requirements vary by state so be sure to check on those before hiring anyone. Inquire too if security officer have had site-specific trainings or are just trained inside classrooms or computer rooms.

The security company proposal will show whether it is equipped to handle the responsibility and is a perfect match for your business. Check on the staff stability and whether they are able to provide permanent or full-time staff assignment. The proposal should also state how they would monitor, manage, and control the security system of your company. Everything should be elaborate and detailed. The contractor should also be able to explain the documentation process like how incident reports, activity logs, security officer time sheets, crime reports, and other documentations would be delivered and in what frequency duration as well. More so, the proposal should also include the Standard Operating Procedures Manual and Post Orders. You should also ask about the type of security equipment and emergency procedures that they would implement for your business. Ask what their protocol is for standard and crisis situations and the different equipment they use like surveillance systems, batons, stun gun, pepper spray, handheld gun, GPRS devices, and the like. Probe on whether their security officers are licensed to carry firearms and are skilled in handling different security equipment.

Hire Security Companies Based on Cost

Know the total and detailed rates and costs of the security services. Ask how billing would go – would it be weekly or monthly? Decide on something convenient for you. Also, know the bill rates and wages of individual security officers. Ask how pay for the security guards would be carried out. Is it hourly or is there a flat monthly rate? You should also inquire if there are additional costs for the security equipment, security guard uniforms and supplies, et cetera. With these details provided, you can now compute whether the costs mesh well within your target budget for a security system. Know too if the juice is worth the squeeze or if it gives a bang for your buck.

Time and again, people have the mistake of signing contracts right away and skipping the reading part. It’s a must to always read and understand contracts before signing your name on it. Ask the right questions. Know whether there would be a price increase within the contract period. Probe details on client indemnification. Know too about termination of contracts – do you get to terminate at any given time or do you both enjoy the same rights? Is there a period of notice with termination of contracts? Ask the security company if you can replace guards if in case the assigned ones don’t fit your requirements. Ascertain that the contract is fair and flexible to your needs.

Looking for the best fit in hiring a security company is very important. You must know whether you need security officers for one event or for long term. There are different security guards for variety of security needs and requirements. Do you need someone armed or unarmed? Armed security officers have more expensive rates than unarmed ones because of training and licensing requirements. Would you want someone working in security guard uniforms or in plain clothes? The main purpose of security guards in plain clothes is apprehension while uniformed security officers are for deterrence of crimes. More so, do you need to hire a security company for long term or a one-shot deal?

There sure are different considerations when looking to hire a security team. Do not be reluctant to probe. It’s your money to invest so make sure it goes to the right investment vehicles. Manage your risks and spread these in the right security instruments. Choose to hire a security company that has a solid reputation, skilled and experienced, trustworthy in dealings, as well as one whose vision is aligned with your company goals.

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