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What Does ASIS Stand for? (And What is it?!)

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“It is extremely important that as an industry, we work together to ensure we are fully prepared for the evolving threats that we are facing.” So said Godfried Hendriks, President of ASIS International, in an exclusive interview with the International Security Journal

Global and international security have always required collaboration. The United Nations, for all its faults, is a product of international security collaboration. At the very least, it provides an avenue for different nations to continue interacting with one another. So where does ASIS come in?

What Does ASIS Stand For?

ASIS stands for American Society for Industrial Security, at least from 1955 to 2002. In 2002, acknowledging the global reach of ASIS’s collaboration, it was changed to ASIS International. Rather than describing themselves as an organization, ASIS International refers to a global community where each member “has a role in the protection of assets – people, property, and/or information.”

To cement this collaboration, the first Global Board of Directors was convened for ASIS International this 2020. With such a wide and diverse board, security collaboration flows in all directions to help professionals make the best-informed decisions.

What Does ASIS International Do?

To put it simply, this organization teaches, connects, and informs those in the security sector all over the world, through their community of security experts. It sounds idealistic, but it is a straightforward goal. 

Teach. The organization offers certifications for different roles in the security sector. These certifications equip and certify security professionals so they can be more effective and expand their roles wherever they are working.

  • Certified Protection Professional – for advanced security management
  • Professional Certified Investigator – for case investigation
  • Associate Protection Professional – for beginning security management
  • Physical Security Professional – for managing physical security measures

Connect. IFSEC India featured the new ASIS International community website, which was progressive (mobile-friendly) and featured multiple resources. Most importantly, the website stepped fully into the digital age by being mobile-friendly and simple to use, acknowledging that a great number of its members both current and new would be millennials and even Generation Z.

Inform. One of the biggest events held every year by ASIS International is the GSX–the Global Security Exchange conference. In this conference, security experts come together to share the best practices in their fields and regions. While the COVID-19 pandemic has closed down the main office temporarily, they are still finding ways to share information in this very new field. 

How Important Is International Security Collaboration?

On March 1, ASIS International released an article entitled, “In a Pandemic, Preparation Hinges On Prevention.” One of the sections discusses learnings from Africa’s fight against the Ebola virus, and how it impacts security. It looks at the role that security personnel play in tightening checks and tracking contacts in preventing a pandemic. 

It even looks at the role of security equipment (thermal cameras, for example) and collaborating in timely information that can help each nation and security sector prepare. This alone is one of the best examples of why international security collaboration is important, and gives a glimpse of how it could work to everyone’s benefit. 

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