Sat. Jun 8th, 2019

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Airport Security Guard Makes a Heroic Catch to Save the Baby

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It’s not every day that you get to meet and witness a superhero in action. Grzegorz Paczko, an airport security officer did not hesitate to jump in in order to save the baby just seconds from falling off the baggage counter.

Paczko, doing his routine airport checkpoint rounds noticed a man who seems to be busy repacking his luggage. The distracted dad wrapped the jacket around his baby and placed her conveniently on the table so he can focus on checking his bag. However, when he was done with all the fuss while packing, he reached out to grab his jacket and totally forgot that he tucked his baby inside. Paczko immediately responded and caught the baby in the nick of time – seconds before the baby could suffer a traumatic injury in the head due to accidental fall.


The baby’s father together with the witnesses in the Katowice airport have all become instant fans of this security personnel who had Superman’s speed and strength to save a baby from a fatal fall. He saves the day for everyone; literally and figuratively.

Grzegorz Paczko is certainly the epitome of an ideal security personnel who acts not just out of duty but by human instinct. He is very proactive and attuned to his surroundings that he was able to save this baby from immediate danger when she slipped right off the baggage counter. This is not really a typical role for an airport security guard but he was able to perform beyond his rigmarole of duties. He certainly deserves to be put in the limelight as social media applauds his heroic act.

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